How to operating Cable wrapping machine

Based on different tube lengths and bundle weights, Tube stretch wrappercan calculate number of strapping needed in each bundle. – Carriage door opens for effortless roll change and thread film 2-4.PLC micro-computer automatic control system, can store 99 kinds of different wire reel specifications, only need to read storage data when changing wire reel specification 3.machine compositions:3-1.operator human-computer interface—————————————–1 set
Single tube is conveyed to stretch wrapepr area by roller way. Sensor signals control roller way’s movement. The striker plate’s location determines the alining end position.4.1.2 Counting.After loading and aligning, a kick-out device “kicks” tubes one by one to a layer forming bench (chain). The photoelectric cell takes count at each “kick”. When the countings reach a required number, a particular layer is formed. Then the system resets the counter to zero to be ready for counting the next group.4.1.3 Tube-layer forming 4-2.shake-bobbin head:air pressure promoter automatically control take-up and pay-off and automatically open and close when winding horizontally, automatically stop take-up when reach pre-set length, then shake-bobbin head vertically shrink and lift, don’t clamp wire head and glue wire reel.4-2.traverse: 1-4. servo motor traverse, traverse is more perfect and beautiful than manual winding wire Automatic rotary arm stretch wrapper is not only convenient for you but also for your employees. Like the touch screen. Clear word, soft typeface, suitable size and height, humanized typesetting, which is eyeable. And the more important point is that the screen is really screen, even if your employees wear gloves. He doesn’t need to take off the gloves to type and click the screen. Besides, mechanical cutter can save your employee’s feeding and cutting time and reduce in risk of injuries and accidents. In a word, our automatic rotary arm stretch wrapper is your good working partner and saving hands.Fhope pallet stretch wrappers are available in a variety of designs, including turntable, rotary arm and orbital. By our stretch wrapper, weighing, labeling can be combined into one equipment. Integrat weighing scale and digital indicator with stretch wrapping machine turntable. Fhope has standard type stretch wrapper in warehouse for dispatching and specialized in freedom design by custom operation requirement. We will take our professional team, more than 10,000 commissioning experience, to create pallet stretch wrapping equipment as your specification and packaging need. Fhope provide automatic packing line and automatic packaging system per client’s requirement. The equipment can be connect with


    1. pallet wrapping machine
    2. what is the Pallet wrapping machine To test and confirm the integrality of functions and working procedures in load running situation. To test and confirm the system reliability in load running situation. To exam and confirm that the equipment can realize values guaranteed in Inspection and Exam Stipulations. Easy for maintenance We have made efforts in the following aspects to realize easy maintenance. First, we standardize the design with complete spare parts list. Second, we continuously improve the monitoring software intelligence. By such improvement, the monitoring software can automatically check and find out the accurate position of machinery failures, and alarm audibly and visually. This is an effective way to improve self-checking ability and promote maintenance operators’ efficiency in discovering and solving machinery problems.High efficiencyBased on user’s actual producing situation, system delays are reduced by specially … …
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    2. the function of Coil tilter 4.5 Electric control system …
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    2. Pipe packaging line production line and sharing products information for automatic packaging. The automatic packing line will be designed per different 1-9.operation panel:Graphic operator Interface
    1. seal wrapping machine
    2. the technical data of Automatic coil packing line d) PLC&HMI program control.e) Manual and automatic working mode can be choosing. 4-2.shake-bobbin head:air pressure promoter automatically control take-up and pay-off and automatically open and close when winding horizontally, automatically stop take-up when reach pre-set length, then shake-bobbin head vertically shrink and lift, don’t clamp wire head and glue wire reel.4-2.traverse: ..
    1. automatic pallet wrapping machines
    2. the function of Cable wrapping machine *Height of the ring centre can be adjusted according to the diameter of the product;
    1. sandwich profile horizontal orbital wrapper
    2. How to find Wire wrapping machine 4 Inspection and acceptance 4.1 Object of inspection and acceptance the stationary loading plate along with a displacement device with regard to displacing a packing unit around the loading dish in an x-direction flat along the broad side of the load carrier,a loading tongue with regard to acting upon a packing unit around the loading dish and for displacing the actual packing device in a z-direction from the loading level of the load carrier, a scrape disposed over the loading language and movable independently from the loading language in the z-direction to be able to retain the packing unit in the desired position on the fill stack, in which said loading tongue and said scraper are designed in order to be movable simultaneously in the x-direction.17. The strapping wrapping device of claim 16 further comprising a lifting device for raising and lowering the load provider.
    1. orbital stretch wrapper
    2. mould tilter a conveyor program for transporting the articles from the article supply to the packaging subsystem, with regard to transporting the actual packs from the packaging subsystem to the palletizer and for transporting the packages from the load up supply towards the palletizer. 18. The tools of declare 16, wherein a launching aid is provided for launching of the load carrier.
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    2. the feacture of the Pipe coil wrapping machine These types of and other objects of the existing invention tend to be fulfilled with a system for order packing comprising: 1.2.10 Tube bundle shapes and sizes (key factor): This requires more detailed information from the user. Shall appreciate if the user can provide a table of bundle  …
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    2. the technical data of Stretch hood machine The FZ-03 industrial coil tilter is applied for different specifications of the coils to meet the demand of turning the coils for 90 degree. It’s widely used in industries of metallurgy, stamping, metal plate, mold, paper making, steel strip, coil, barrels, &etc. … …
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    2. How to operating Tyre wrapping machine Turn-over speed: about 60 seconds ±10% Power output: about. 2.6kw .
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    2. what is the Hose wrapping machine – AC Motor Control Board 电机变频 Protection of pipes against any environmental impact with oxide powder, anti-moisture. .
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    2. Wire wrapping machine Coil upender applies to different specifications of objects to satisfy the demand of flip 90 objects degrees. It is widely used in the industries of metallurgy, stamping, metal, mould, manufacture of paper plate, strip steel, spools, barrels, and etc.Línea de Llenado de Bolsa de Tubería Steel Pipe include front line power, alignment device, automatic machine bunch of pipes, automatic strapping machine, transfer, and added online storage rack and etc. .. It is a set of almost automatic packaging machinery, efficient, convenient and safe for packing …Steel tube packing machine and Pipe and tube bagging machine .
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    2. How to find Cable wrapping machine – Soft-Start, Soft-Stop–开始和停止 ?? Communication. This system is supposed to communicate with UP PC and to transform necessary operational and technical information to the UP computer, (The key point is to communicate with previous working procedures, especially length measuring, weighing and printing procures. The measuring system provides the forming system with bundling information such as tube weight, tube length and storing information, while the forming system provides the measuring system with bundling information required.)Within 3 weeks of the coming into force of the contract, after Seller receives General chart of processing setup from Buyer, Seller delivers equipment s’ foundation lay-out drawing (including equipment dimension and max hoisting weight of installing and maintaining equipments.) (in quadruplicate) .
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    2. How to operating Cable wrapping machine Winding motor:7.5HPx4P AC motor+vector control Inverter – Heavy structural steel Frame construction –重型的钢结构框架结构

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