cutting tool for cutting and grooving

The invention of SC company is a method of processing sealing ring grooves. It is reported that it ensures the output of high-quality components and meets strict safety requirements. This method USES a spiral curve tool to create the sealing ring of the sealing ring in a very safe and effective way.

The sealing ring groove is the key characteristic of many oil and gas components, which requires close range of tolerances and high-quality surface finish. The traditional method of sealing the ring groove usually leads to slow production and safety of the process. Multi-operation methods, including rough machining and machining sequences, are another challenge. The tools used are single or sloping cutting tools that are easy to vibrate. Difficult materials, such as sturdy Inconel 718 and clinconel 625, are often used, only to add a set of challenges that need to be overcome. The spiroro valve is a processing method used with the CoroBore XL system, which USES a helical tool path to create a sealed ring groove in a safe and efficient manner.

DLTSA650 series - Aerospace Aluminium Alloy

The solution is the ideal choice for manufacturing the sealing ring groove in the pre-package processing of steel and stainless steel. CtotoBore XL’s unique internal cooling function can be processed in advanced materials. In the same operation, roughing and processing, which can greatly shorten processing time and improve production efficiency. In conclusion, when the sealing ring groove is processed, the solution guarantees high output and process safety ofhigh-qualityy parts.

Use a circular spiral graphic tool to move in the taper. This reduces the thickness of the chip, making the light cut action and increasing feed. Insert some parts of the cutting edge that have interrupted cutting behavior, eliminating long pieces that can wrap around the cutter and spindle. With a unique nc-code generator, only a few simple steps can be programmed.

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