shrink wrapping machine manufacturer in CHINA

Shrink wrapping machine manufacturer in CHINA


Shrink wrapping machine is an easy process equipment for shrinking package by  two stepss: choosing the right kind of plastic wrap and right heating tempreture. By covering a roll of shrink wrap film and treating a heating , the products can be shrink wrap for waterproof. By special film it can be weatherproof and tamperproof that is easy to get. And the package is no restriction on size to shrink wrap items. No matter big or small products, which can find a great way to be protected by film shrink wrapping.

L-Bar Shrink Wrap Machine

  • L-Bar Shrinking Machine FP-250A
  • L-Bar Shrinking Machine FP-400LA+SH-450C
  • L-Bar Shrinking Machine FP-400LB+SH-450C
  • L-Bar Shrinking Machine FP-400LC+SH-450C

Motion Sealer Shrinking Machine

  • Motion Sealer Shrinking Machine MO-350
  • Motion Sealer Shrinking Machine MO-600
  • Motion Sealer Shrinking Machine MO-900

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