Steel wire winding packaging machine vertical ring winding packaging machine

Fhope coil winding machine is designed for packing medium coil. Packing can prevent dust, air and water. The machine, through the core packaging coil, is flexible and can be customized to meet each customer’s specifications and packaging line configuration. All the data, including the size of packaging products and the special requirements of customers, will be input into the control system.

How to maintain the accessories of wrapping machine

With the use of the winding packaging machine, it has brought huge profits. In the winding packaging machine, accessories have a decisive impact on the occurrence and service life of the winding packaging machine. Once there is a failure, it will cause great losses. This requires us to learn to take good care of the accessories of the winding packaging machine in daily use, and carry out appropriate maintenance to reduce the winding packaging in the future How to maintain the accessories of the wrapping machine correctly when the machine breaks down?

1. The reducer is one of the important parts of the winding machine. The reducer must run without oil. After the first use, it needs to clean the inside and replace with new oil. The time is 300 hours, and then replace the oil every 2500 hours. Such cyclic operation can reduce the occurrence of machine faults and extend the service life.

2. The lubricating oil plays a very important role in the whole equipment. The transmission process of many parts of the winding packaging machine needs lubricating oil. It is necessary to regularly add lubricating oil to the gear mesh of the winding packaging machine, the oil filling hole of the bearing with seat and the moving parts. Because of the frequent use of lubricating oil, the quality of the lubricating oil is very important. It must be used with good quality and never Can be inferior, otherwise will cause bad results.

The relevant knowledge of the winding machine’s detection device and the maintenance methods of accessories are accumulated in daily life. It is necessary to be persistent and responsible for the equipment day by day, so that everything can be smoothly used in the future. Fengding machinery is determined to solve all problems for customers. If there is any doubt about the accessories of the winding packaging machine, welcome to call us for consultation.

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