steel coil wrapping machine

Steel coil packing machine FPS-400

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Dear Mr Kim: Thanks for your questions about the steel coil stretch wrapping machine. After study and delibration of our engineers, we concluded that the package is usual and qualified. About the loose package occured sometimes which you have mentioned in your message, we have checked your pictures, they belong to the usual performance. The package ought to be loose at some parts of the steel coil because of the uncentralized steel coils. The deviation betwen the center of supportive rollers and the center of packing band is right, it actually helps to improve tightness. The rotation of the steel coil has caused a devitatin itself, so the devitation of two centers has counteract it. we suggest you choose narrower band in order to improve the package. For more problems or questions about this coil wrapping machine, please feel free to as me. Our machine actually not just can stretch wrap steel coil, but also bearing, wire coil, hose coil, tyre, copper tube coils and razer wire coils…….

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