Sofa shrink wrap packing machine and furniture packing line


this is the way to pack your sofa easy by one people with 1 package per minute.

Find the Chinese manufacturer to help you resove the packing problem and match the packing requirement.





1. What is the function of sofa pcking machine with "partial winding" on the packing machine? ------- It means that the machine can be bundled and wound. For example, the product is wound at the three positions of the head and tail, and the other parts are not wound.
2. In the technical parameters: "ü OD: 100-200mm, Width: 2000mm, ID: 50mm ------ this is the size of the packaging film
"Can you elaborate more?
3. Is the price on the quotation the Net price? ------- is the factory price including tax
4. Is it possible to perform the film covering with winding of the first, middle, and last three sections on the workpiece only? ----- Yes, this is the function of partial winding
5. Are the first, middle, and last three segments determined by the machine, or do you need to manually set the total length of the workpiece and the position of the middle segment? ------ It needs to be set in advance, the set parameters can be stored in the HMI, and it can be called only when it is packed next time.
6. Or can it only be wound from beginning to end? ------ Partial winding and winding from beginning to end are both acceptable


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