automatic coiler for plastic pipe and hose

Hello Dear Sir/Madame,

I am P-Mag  Maintenance Engineer at JSL.

JSL Material Elétrico is a factory which produces electrical components and sells them around the world. We are based in Lisboa, Portugal.

We are very used to make business on the Chinese market and we are having good experiences with it. We actually have a container waiting to bring more machines to Portugal and we would like to add your machines on it.

I had the opportunity to meet Fhopepack Packaging Machines on the Internet/YouTube and I was very interested on your automatic coiler and packaging system for plastic pipes.

We have 15 extrusion lines on our factory but we need to improve our capacity and efficiency.

Your packaging system would be ideal to reach this improvement.

I saw that you have a system that makes the packaging for one extrusion line. What I would like to have on our factory is a little bigger. Something like a central of packaging that could have the possibility to receive all the pipes that are being made on my extrusion lines and then, it would process all of it separately but at the same time. I am not sure if you are capable of doing something like that but it would be great.

Can you try to help me and fulfill my needs?

I already add you on WECHAT by the number 13951501635. Sometimes, it is easier to talk there to find the right solutions.

Thank you so much for your attention.

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