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The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has announced $23 million in grant funding available through the Dairy Business Innovation Initiatives program. These grants aim to support dairy farmers and businesses in expanding and improving their operations. The application process is open until August 10.

The grant funds are divided into two categories: technical assistance and sub-grants. The sub-grants cover areas such as business plan development, marketing and branding, and increasing access to innovative production and processing techniques for value-added products.

Interested applicants can contact four agencies – California State University at Fresno, University of Tennessee, Vermont Agency of Agriculture, and University of Wisconsin – to be considered for a grant.

Half of the available funds will be allocated to sub-awards, which will focus on projects related to modernization, specialization, grazing of dairy farms, value chain and commodity innovations, and product development, packaging, and marketing of dairy products.

The USDA’s Dairy Business Innovation Initiative webpage provides information about eligibility, previously funded projects, and the Request for Applications (RFA). The application must be completed and submitted electronically through by August 10, 2023.

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Cherry’s Industrial Equipment can custom design material handling equipment to address specific operational issues in the dairy industry. Their inventory includes plastic pallets, lift tables, washing equipment, tippers and upenders, stretch wrappers, and pallet inverters.

By implementing Cherry’s Industrial Equipment solutions, dairy farmers can meet sanitary requirements, increase productivity, and improve warehouse efficiencies while reducing the risk of worker injuries.

If you are in the dairy farming business, it is important not to overlook this grant opportunity. The article provides information on how to apply and offers tips for preparing your application. Contact Cherry’s Industrial Equipment for further assistance in improving your dairy farm or processing facility’s speed, efficiency, safety, and workflow.

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