Efficient and Automated Case De-Palletizing for Streamlined Operations

The automatic case de-palletizing solution we developed for a leading beverage manufacturer aimed to improve their processes and align with stringent food safety standards. The goal was to minimize manual labor and increase efficiency while ensuring employee safety.

Previously, Nestlé relied on a labor-intensive process that involved using a forklift to place a stack of folded boxes on a conveyor. The stack would then be lifted, causing the boxes to fall onto a gravity conveyor. Workers had to cut the bands, open the boxes, and push the contents onto a sorting conveyor. The bottles would then travel down the conveyor to the filling line.

Our solution involved transforming this inefficient process into a quick and automated system. We implemented a machine that could insert and tip the load, allowing the empty bottles to move to the filling line with minimal human intervention. The key challenges we addressed were speed, safety, and line throughput.

To achieve this, we utilized simple automation to lay the stack of boxes down, convey them out of the machine, and separate the layers onto an adjacent conveyor. This eliminated the need for workers to reach, stretch, or strain while opening the boxes. Additionally, the streamlined process made it easier to dump the empty bottles onto the sorting conveyor, improving line speed and worker ergonomics.

Considering Nestlé’s high safety specifications, we added extra protections to meet their standards. Hard guarding, such as fencing around the line, and light curtains at the entry and exit were installed. These measures ensured that the system would shut down if a person attempted to enter the area, prioritizing safety.

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