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“This machine was designed to deal with a requirement in packaging which is about customer needs an efficiently wrap for loads from large pipes or tubes to heavy metal parts and engines, ”

Fhope Orbital Stretch Wrap can be used in manual control or semi-automatic film wrapping and strapping. The special design making it easy to install in any factory. Ring size: 68” diagonal. it is also working for pallet covering and wrapping.

1.Could you put dimensions on the drawing in the attachment? 2. In attachment we sending also the drawing of foil spool -> could you please provide us “d” dimension? 3. Has exact this machine been used for coiling rubber hoses? 4. Is it possible to see a coiling machine that is at your client’s site in Italy (and is it a machine for coiling a rubber hose)? Due to the distance between our companies, is it possible to send you two sections of our rubber hose, which would have been coiled up by you on the machine and could you record the video of coiling, to assess the final usefulness of the machine? If the tests pass positively, we would be interested in buying one machine at the beginning.

Horizontal wrapping machine solutions

The information more available for orbital wrapping machine packaging for long packages, such as aluminum, profile…

PlC control and special function in film strapping.

  1. film strapping
  2. film cutting and feeding
  3. film tighten wrapping and packing
  4. film pre-stretch wrapper






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Our Ref K/86708-17( Please always indicate)
Due Date 25-12-2017
Subject Automatic System for Coil Strapping

orbital stretch wrapper for panel timber and profile

Qty Specifications

Object material: steel coils/aluminum coils/other coiled objects

Coil widthW:150:1800mm

Coil outer diameter (OD): 800-2100mm

Coil inner diameter (ID): 600,500,400 mm

Coil weight: 300-12000kg

Shutter speed: about 2-3m/sec

Overlap rate: 20%90%

Power: about 11.0Kw

Power supply: 380V, Three-phase five line

Air supply: 68kgf/cm2

Packing material: PE/LLDPE stretch film/PVC

ID:76mm OD:100-250mm Width:250mm


Kindly send us your offer is included our 10% commission based on Fob & CIF

Company development

We actively promote the comfortable and sustainable development of people’s lives.
In order to seek sustainable development of social and union tools, we believe that it is vital to contribute to stakeholders. We have launched various social responsibilities – corporate social responsibility – activities. Every Christmas, the Christmas lights are on.
Union tool staff do everything from design to decorate 30,000 Christmas lights, which are LED and environmentally friendly. At the plant in changan and mitsui, there are twice a year of voluntary cleanup activities, including picking up litter and weeding, twice each spring and autumn.
We hope to continue to contribute to the local community through this activity. We collect used stamps and donate them to the green earth foundation (DGEF), and the world health organization sells the stamps to raise money to the forests of Asia and Africa.
In addition to our staff, shareholders and customers also support our activities. “Pray for peace and promise future”. These are the main ideas that Nagaoka’s citizens meet every year. We support these ideas and take part in this festival every year.
In feldspar, employees wear matching “yukata” dances in Nagaoka Jinku and the “Ohanabi Ondo” (traditional music of Nagaoka).
In the fireworks display the next day, we sponsored the super Vesuvius, which is similar to the huge firework of mount Vesuvius in Italy.
Tpo established its world-class reputation by its subscription concert series, the regular work in the new national theatre, opera and ballet and a complete, Japan and around the world popular agenda, including NHK broadcaster radio, all kinds of education plan, and travel abroad taegu invitation on behalf of the Asian orchestra music festival, such as Japan, South Korea (2013), its centennial world tour of six major cities: New York, London, Madrid, Paris, Singapore and Bangkok (2015), and Beethoven’s ninth symphony concert in Seoul and Tokyo than post Whun clock, and combined into a Seoul philharmonic orchestra (2015).

stretch hood film chinese supplier


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1200 x 1500mm pallets


1100 + 2 x 450mm 90mu


5 tonnes lots – Ideally Black opaque or White opaque


The machine is a Dino Machine by F3 Design

Horizontal stretch wrapper

Can you please quote me your very best price and delivery time ??

cutting tool for cutting and grooving

The invention of SC company is a method of processing sealing ring grooves. It is reported that it ensures the output of high-quality components and meets strict safety requirements. This method USES a spiral curve tool to create the sealing ring of the sealing ring in a very safe and effective way.

The sealing ring groove is the key characteristic of many oil and gas components, which requires close range of tolerances and high-quality surface finish. The traditional method of sealing the ring groove usually leads to slow production and safety of the process. Multi-operation methods, including rough machining and machining sequences, are another challenge. The tools used are single or sloping cutting tools that are easy to vibrate. Difficult materials, such as sturdy Inconel 718 and clinconel 625, are often used, only to add a set of challenges that need to be overcome. The spiroro valve is a processing method used with the CoroBore XL system, which USES a helical tool path to create a sealed ring groove in a safe and efficient manner.

DLTSA650 series - Aerospace Aluminium Alloy

The solution is the ideal choice for manufacturing the sealing ring groove in the pre-package processing of steel and stainless steel. CtotoBore XL’s unique internal cooling function can be processed in advanced materials. In the same operation, roughing and processing, which can greatly shorten processing time and improve production efficiency. In conclusion, when the sealing ring groove is processed, the solution guarantees high output and process safety ofhigh-qualityy parts.

Use a circular spiral graphic tool to move in the taper. This reduces the thickness of the chip, making the light cut action and increasing feed. Insert some parts of the cutting edge that have interrupted cutting behavior, eliminating long pieces that can wrap around the cutter and spindle. With a unique nc-code generator, only a few simple steps can be programmed.

Top manufacturer for horizontal stretch wrapper

All motors

the stretch wrapping technique for pallet

Parts, the product packaging fhopepack. (lafayette, Los Angeles) used to have its hands on it, mainly in the field. Employees are vulnerable to injuries, product damage, and productivity declines because of this approach. The process that requires three workers to complete is manual packaging, and even so, the pallet on the packaging side is not always appropriate. Joey Liuwen, general manager of high-tech components, knows what needs to be done to mitigate the current situation, which is to replace the current packaging method. A representative of fpc1 visited him, and the representative especially liked what he saw as the stretch wrapping technique. Because of the purchase of a fpc1, the damage associated with the drop, the damage to the package, and the safety hazard have been eliminated by the high-tech components.

Evaluation of the company
Since 1987, high-tech components, Inc.), mechanical factory, manufacturer, providing oilfield products and gate valve components, as well as a complete service contract work shop, petrochemical and other industries, these industries are known. More recently, more inventory has been stockpiled by the company, which has to be stored on a pallet rack, and they are placed in high positions, about 20 feet in the air. This has caused some security problems to be triggered, as some components may fall off the pallet and cause a lot of damage to a person.
Other concerns are also serious, such as the risk of injury to employees and the number of employees required for manual packaging. The number of people required for the hand-wracking of high-tech components is usually two: one on the forklift and the other on both sides of the tray. Standing and bending can be very damaging, and it can be very damaging to the back.
“Even if the process is exceptional, in some cases, the proper packaging is not in our possession, because you can’t put enough contractions around the pallet,” Liuwen said.


Top manufacturer for non-standard milling cutters in China

Selection of standard and non-standard milling cutters
“The standard cutter” and “non standard cutter manufacturing” is often tangled, “the standard cutter” large amount of income significantly, “non standard cutter” and the need for special Seiko secret agents.
Nonstandard milling cutters, in general, mean tools that are not in the standard supply range or are not listed in the standard manual. Therefore, there is no stock or cash on hand. It is necessary to write procedures for additional production.

The price is expensive and the delivery time is long
Widely used in 5 axis CNC tool grinder is highly flexible today, the so-called “non standard cutter” should be in the tool structure and has a higher accuracy requirements, the tool made of a special process method needs, the difficulty lies in technological innovation; and the “standard cutter” generally refers to mass production, standard size structure, stable quality tool the difficulty lies in the stable quality and efficient production.
Parameter selection of standard face milling cutter:
1, the tool radius r should be less than the minimum radius of curvature of contour parts within P.
2, parts of the processing of high H (R. 1/41/6)
3, through hole or deep groove, select l=H+ (5~10) mm.
4, select l=H+r epsilon + (5~10) mm. when machining the shape and groove
5, the diameter of tool is D= (5~10) B. when machining rib
6, tungsten steel milling rough machining inner contour surface, milling maximum diameter of DD=d+2[delta sin (phi /2) – 8 1]/[1-sin (/2 diameter).

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selection of parameter