Aluminum profile packing line in wrapping

For the aluminum profile packing line with the way designed, it is able accurate with the first bundle in! It is a point about how do the machine know when/where the others bundles start

Extruded aluminum profiles packaging line

Two different for this machine with previous one is 1. The encoder with motor drive roller or motor free roller. 2. For high speed wrapping, the sychronize moving distance was lengthen and adding the scalable conveyor for short profile supporting and pasing.

Now the wrapping is ok,but the sychronize tape and pulling that may need to do the program modification.

For the aluminum profile wapping and pulling, please prepare some thin film for wrapping.


coil packing line information

coil packing line

Following information about the coil packing line will be provided for user.

The manufacturer providing the technical date and document for coil packing line that helps to install the line with guide of the documents.

Utilities, liquids and gases supply systems
Preliminary data on quality, required flow rates, pressure, temperature (the data for a similar unit can be provided)
Preliminary data on waste gases and liquids (volumes (m3, l), flow rates (m3/s, g/s), qualitative content of substances, concentration, density (kg/m3, g/m3), temperature)
Estimated value of the utilities supply equipment according to the Proposal.
Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems
Requirements to the environment at the place of installation of COIL PACKING LINE (mechanical, hydraulic, electrical) shall be specified:
Dust content
Preliminary data on heat emission from the operating PACKING LINE shall be provided.
Preliminary data on emission of harmful substances into the working zone air shall be provided.
Estimated value of the equipment of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems supplied according to the Proposal.

More solution and information about the coil pcking machine, just contact us.

Slitting coil packing lines

The use of coil packaging line is very important to the production process of the factory. Coil packing line is used to pack steel coils into containers for safe and efficient transportation. We will introduce you to everything about steel coil packaging lines, from how they work to what products they are used for.


This is the strapping machine in the cold roll coil packing line

Coil packing line is used to pack steel coils into containers for transportation.

Packaging line is the best choice for packaging coil transportation. These production lines are designed to package steel coils into containers quickly and efficiently, ensuring that they will not be damaged during transportation.


The automatic steel coil packing line connects to the slitter line

They can be used in various products, including packaged foods, beverages and other materials.

Steel coil packaging line is a multifunctional machine, which can be used in various packaging applications. These machines can do everything from food and drink packaging to other materials. Steel coil packaging line helps your business save time and money.

The coil packing line for slitting copper coil

Coil packaging line usually consists of conveyor belt, feeding system and discharging system.

Steel coil packaging line is a production line for packaging steel coils. The coil is first transported to the conveyor belt and then moved to the feeding system. From there, the coil is sent to the output system and finally packaged in an insulating bag.

turntable steel coil packing line

Above information main copy from FHOPE :COIL PACKING LINE



宽度:80mm ~ 450mm
重量:50kg ~ 3500kg
内径:300, 400, 500mm
外径:600 ~ 1350mm 基本上这个规格范围的都能包, 包装小卷的效果比如OD;600-750mm的效果没有包大卷OD>800MM的效果好


[下午5:00, 2021年12月6日] 黄先生: 我们并无使用十字臂
[下午5:00, 2021年12月6日] 黄先生: 想请问是如何将钢卷放上十字臂的?
[下午5:01, 2021年12月6日] 黄先生: 利用天车吗?
[下午5:01, 2021年12月6日] Randal: Coil strapping machine he 钢卷和木架绑一起捆扎可以的,这种捆扎一般都是在最后一道工序(堆垛)之后
[下午5:02, 2021年12月6日] Randal: 从封切线到十字臂: 1. 天车 2. 地上的coil car
[下午5:02, 2021年12月6日] Randal: 大部分采用的是地上的coil car

[下午3:33, 2021年12月29日] 黄先生: . 因为我们的第一站是直接使用叉车放料至反转机,但是反转机那是如何接引钢卷过去的?
[下午3:38, 2021年12月29日] 黄先生: 2. 关于真空吸附的作用是什么?
[下午3:40, 2021年12月29日] 黄先生: 3. 在出料的conveyor一定要是2meter吗?能否只是1meter?
[下午3:48, 2021年12月29日] Randal: 1. 翻转机上带输送线 可以输送翻转好的钢卷
[下午3:49, 2021年12月29日] Randal: 2. 真空吸盘用来堆垛500Kg以下,而且不用木条在中间的产品。 所以这个可以取消
[下午3:49, 2021年12月29日] Randal: 3. 1m 没问题

Extrusion automated packaging for aluminum profile

The solution about extrusion automated packaging for aluminum profile

The automation in the aluminum profile packing connects to the extrion is a difficult job in the aluminum prodution industry at the past year. With the development in the relative machine, now the the total automation is come ture from film application to the bundle making and storage. And the price of the system is going down than before.

Following is about some automated packing for aluminum profile by Chinese Manufacturer.

1. Automatic protective film application machine for aluminum profile




The packaging process:

Automatic loading from extrudion line

Automatic feeding the profile one the conveyor one by one

Automatically transported and divided into the film machine

Automatic film applicatio and cutting

Automatic film sticking

Out feeding and move out the storage area or entering to the bundling equipment.

2. Automatic sub-bundle making and binding machine.

The way to automatic film wrapping the aluminum profile and profile bundle.

3. Auomatic bundle packing line

The bundle packing line is able online or off-line running per different setting.

The bundle wrapping, film covering and timber feeding are automated for profile.

It also supportive the manully operation for some special shape or packaging goal.

More information and automation for aluminum profile:

Aluminum profile packing machines

As a manufacturer, FHOPE providing the automatic packing solution for aluminion profiles.
There are automatic profile tapping machine for covering the profile with tape automatically.
Well received your information
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留言 Hello I am interested in learning more and getting some pricing for your aluminum profile packaging machine for aluminum extruisions
All follow machines works for aluminum profile packing.
aluminum profile covering machine
Automatic sub-bundle binding and wrapping
aluminum profile packing machine
Automatic profile bundel making
Automatic bundle wrapping+timber
Aluminum profile packing line with timber feeding
Feel free let me know your requirement, and our team will help to making a solution per your requirement.


automatic coiler for plastic pipe and hose

Hello Dear Sir/Madame,

I am P-Mag  Maintenance Engineer at JSL.

JSL Material Elétrico is a factory which produces electrical components and sells them around the world. We are based in Lisboa, Portugal.

We are very used to make business on the Chinese market and we are having good experiences with it. We actually have a container waiting to bring more machines to Portugal and we would like to add your machines on it.

I had the opportunity to meet Fhopepack Packaging Machines on the Internet/YouTube and I was very interested on your automatic coiler and packaging system for plastic pipes.

We have 15 extrusion lines on our factory but we need to improve our capacity and efficiency.

Your packaging system would be ideal to reach this improvement.

I saw that you have a system that makes the packaging for one extrusion line. What I would like to have on our factory is a little bigger. Something like a central of packaging that could have the possibility to receive all the pipes that are being made on my extrusion lines and then, it would process all of it separately but at the same time. I am not sure if you are capable of doing something like that but it would be great.

Can you try to help me and fulfill my needs?

I already add you on WECHAT by the number 13951501635. Sometimes, it is easier to talk there to find the right solutions.

Thank you so much for your attention.

Heat Shrinking Machine 

Heat Shrinking Machine 

This machine has high working efficiency, automatic film feeding and punching, automatic film sealing and cutting, only need to manually adjust the film guiding system and manually adjust the feeding conveying platform for products of different widths and heights. The automatic sealing and shrinking packaging machine is also suitable for multi-piece wrapping and tray packaging, and can also be used with the automatic packaging line, which is the first choice for sealing and shrinking packaging.


Auto sealing and heat shrinking packing machine 

Auto sealing and shrinking machine 


Sealing and protect the operate meanwhile.
Double size fan carrying system ensure the perfect of sealing.
Imported AC contractor, the temperature be controlled by automatic.
Imported frequency converter, sleepless speed regulating.
Super cooling system to ensure the perfect shape of products quickly after shrinking.
The control panel be operated with safe and simple.
The imputing position can be adjustable precision base on the size of products.
The size of tunnel can be customized for your request.
Up and down large power fan system to assure the excellent effect of shrinking in one time

Shrink machine heat tunnel shrink for bottles

Shrink machine heat tunnel shrink for bottles

Just pressing the pusher button, the machine automatically seal then the products enter into shrink packaging machine. The machine mainly uses PE shrink film;
The machine is widely used in drinks, daily chemical, building materials, food with paper tray or without paper tray etc. And it also can be used for electrical appliances, auto parts, furniture, flooring and other individual or group shrink wrap.

Power supply
AC 220V 1PH 50HZ
AC 380V 3PH 50HZ
Max Packing size
Tunnel size
Blade length
Air temperature
Table Height
Packing Speed
External Air source
Shrink Film
Machine Size
Creat size
G./N. Weight