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1200 x 1500mm pallets


1100 + 2 x 450mm 90mu


5 tonnes lots – Ideally Black opaque or White opaque


The machine is a Dino Machine by F3 Design

Horizontal stretch wrapper

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cutting tool for cutting and grooving

The invention of SC company is a method of processing sealing ring grooves. It is reported that it ensures the output of high-quality components and meets strict safety requirements. This method USES a spiral curve tool to create the sealing ring of the sealing ring in a very safe and effective way.

The sealing ring groove is the key characteristic of many oil and gas components, which requires close range of tolerances and high-quality surface finish. The traditional method of sealing the ring groove usually leads to slow production and safety of the process. Multi-operation methods, including rough machining and machining sequences, are another challenge. The tools used are single or sloping cutting tools that are easy to vibrate. Difficult materials, such as sturdy Inconel 718 and clinconel 625, are often used, only to add a set of challenges that need to be overcome. The spiroro valve is a processing method used with the CoroBore XL system, which USES a helical tool path to create a sealed ring groove in a safe and efficient manner.

DLTSA650 series - Aerospace Aluminium Alloy

The solution is the ideal choice for manufacturing the sealing ring groove in the pre-package processing of steel and stainless steel. CtotoBore XL’s unique internal cooling function can be processed in advanced materials. In the same operation, roughing and processing, which can greatly shorten processing time and improve production efficiency. In conclusion, when the sealing ring groove is processed, the solution guarantees high output and process safety ofhigh-qualityy parts.

Use a circular spiral graphic tool to move in the taper. This reduces the thickness of the chip, making the light cut action and increasing feed. Insert some parts of the cutting edge that have interrupted cutting behavior, eliminating long pieces that can wrap around the cutter and spindle. With a unique nc-code generator, only a few simple steps can be programmed.

Top manufacturer for horizontal stretch wrapper

All motors

the stretch wrapping technique for pallet

Parts, the product packaging fhopepack. (lafayette, Los Angeles) used to have its hands on it, mainly in the field. Employees are vulnerable to injuries, product damage, and productivity declines because of this approach. The process that requires three workers to complete is manual packaging, and even so, the pallet on the packaging side is not always appropriate. Joey Liuwen, general manager of high-tech components, knows what needs to be done to mitigate the current situation, which is to replace the current packaging method. A representative of fpc1 visited him, and the representative especially liked what he saw as the stretch wrapping technique. Because of the purchase of a fpc1, the damage associated with the drop, the damage to the package, and the safety hazard have been eliminated by the high-tech components.

Evaluation of the company
Since 1987, high-tech components, Inc.), mechanical factory, manufacturer, providing oilfield products and gate valve components, as well as a complete service contract work shop, petrochemical and other industries, these industries are known. More recently, more inventory has been stockpiled by the company, which has to be stored on a pallet rack, and they are placed in high positions, about 20 feet in the air. This has caused some security problems to be triggered, as some components may fall off the pallet and cause a lot of damage to a person.
Other concerns are also serious, such as the risk of injury to employees and the number of employees required for manual packaging. The number of people required for the hand-wracking of high-tech components is usually two: one on the forklift and the other on both sides of the tray. Standing and bending can be very damaging, and it can be very damaging to the back.
“Even if the process is exceptional, in some cases, the proper packaging is not in our possession, because you can’t put enough contractions around the pallet,” Liuwen said.


Top manufacturer for non-standard milling cutters in China

Selection of standard and non-standard milling cutters
“The standard cutter” and “non standard cutter manufacturing” is often tangled, “the standard cutter” large amount of income significantly, “non standard cutter” and the need for special Seiko secret agents.
Nonstandard milling cutters, in general, mean tools that are not in the standard supply range or are not listed in the standard manual. Therefore, there is no stock or cash on hand. It is necessary to write procedures for additional production.

The price is expensive and the delivery time is long
Widely used in 5 axis CNC tool grinder is highly flexible today, the so-called “non standard cutter” should be in the tool structure and has a higher accuracy requirements, the tool made of a special process method needs, the difficulty lies in technological innovation; and the “standard cutter” generally refers to mass production, standard size structure, stable quality tool the difficulty lies in the stable quality and efficient production.
Parameter selection of standard face milling cutter:
1, the tool radius r should be less than the minimum radius of curvature of contour parts within P.
2, parts of the processing of high H (R. 1/41/6)
3, through hole or deep groove, select l=H+ (5~10) mm.
4, select l=H+r epsilon + (5~10) mm. when machining the shape and groove
5, the diameter of tool is D= (5~10) B. when machining rib
6, tungsten steel milling rough machining inner contour surface, milling maximum diameter of DD=d+2[delta sin (phi /2) – 8 1]/[1-sin (/2 diameter).

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selection of parameter

coil upender and stretch wrapper machinry




FHOPE supplies coil handle solution, not only packing machinery. Fhope is more than please to assist your requirement during the analysis packing goal, helping you to find the right solution for operation process. our Coil tilter/coil upender was applied for following industries.

Upender/tilter is usually for handling the coils, mould, roll…


1.Steel coil industry   2. Wire coil industry   3.Aluminum coil industry   4.Copper coil industry   5.Mould industry      6.Wheel spool


FPCT series coil upender or coil tilter mainly apply to turn the objects. It widely used in the module up-ending, coil turning, mould upending… 


upender and tiltelr

Upender/tilter + coil wrapping machine

upender/tilter with track and conveyor

Upender/tilter + track

hydraulic tilter, hydraulic upender

Hydraulic upender/tilter for steel coil

Steel coil transfer car



stretch wrapper and wrapping machine


wraps common pallet loads in 15 seconds versus the 60 seconds or more for horizontal turntable wrappers and requires only a single operator. The orbital wrapping system accommodates pallet loads of virtually unlimited lengths and includes a PLC controller with selections based on the size of the pallet, number of wraps and locations of wraps on the pallet load to customize wrapping to the weight, shape, dimensions and other characteristics. The Perfect Storm is manufactured in the company’s Reading, Pennsylvania headquarters and ships with a full warranty ready to plug in and operate.

    1. p�a�l�l�e�t� �s�t�r�e�t�c�h� �w�r�a�p�p�e�r
    2. pallet stretch wrap equipmentMentorship Wrap can be a stretch wrapper having a rotary arm program. The Wingwrap-A method incorporates out and in feed motorised conveyors regarding automatic procedure.
    1. p�a�l�l�e�t� �s�t�r�e�t�c�h� �w�r�a�p�p�e�r
    2. pallet stretch wrapping machine
    3. Fully computerized L-Bar Sealer The actual Tpacksy 6000-CS delivers overall performance and pace to a wide range of products and industries. The CS product incorporates middle seal package for large bulky items and speed for smaller items such as DVD and CD.
    1. p�a�l�l�e�t� �s�t�r�e�t�c�h� �w�r�a�p� �m�a�c�h�i�n�e
    2. pallet stretch wrapperAutomatic Bagger The Crima getting system works both in horizontal and vertical or inclined position. The machine is designed to place a wide range of goods and is run on various types of product packaging films.: Automatic Bagging method CRIMA Product leaflet
    1. p�a�l�l�e�t� �s�t�r�e�t�c�h� �w�r�a�p� �e�q�u�i�p�m�e�n�t
    2. horizontal wrapping machine Seal elevation adjustment,Adjustable speed conveyors,Automated wrapping series,Film waste materials take-up drum,Open shut conveyor for little packs.
    1. s�t�r�e�t�c�h� �w�r�e�a�p�p�e�r
    2. pallet stretch wrapper
    3. Mentorship Wrap can be a stretch wrapper having a rotary arm program. The Wingwrap-A method incorporates out and in feed motorised conveyors regarding automatic procedure.
    1. p�a�l�l�e�t� �s�t�r�e�t�c�h� �w�r�a�p� �e�q�u�i�p�m�e�n�t
    2. Pallet Wrapping Machine  The patent-pending FPE Wrapper Tornado line of orbital wrapping machines from FHOPE Industries, LLC, Reading, Pa.cocoons palletized loads in multiple layers of plastic film to create a fully enclosed, weather-resistant barrier against the elements that allows valuable products to be stored on their pallets outdoors and in semi-enclosed areas without fear of rust, contact damage or significant deterioration. An upgrade versus horizontal, turntable stretch-wrappers that leave palletized loads exposed from above and below,

the technical data of Aluminum packing line

Dust-tight Precious Metal Slip-ring for long reliable service 3-6.automatic feeding label machine———————————–1 group 4-1.control part:adopting PLC automatic control system+human-computer, can store 99 kinds of different wire reel specifications, don,t need to adjust when changing wire reel specification, all data will show on operating human-computer interface, module design control cabinet and operation panel, easy to maintain and change.
3-2.wrapping C shape ring—————————–1 group feeding device———————————1 group Robot pallet stretch wrapper and The Robot pallet stretch wrapper will be the solid and reliable robot stretch wrapping for palletized pallet and loads wrapping. The design continues to be understood after the design and style, positive and security conditions applied to robots possessing better shows. Robot pallet stretch wrapper may be the agile and compact pallet wrapping machine which is delivered from the encounter matured inside the selling of over the world. ?? To print labels conveniently.System working in Windows 2000 System developed in Delphi 6.0 SUMMARY OF THE Creation Accordingly, it is a primary object of the present invention to supply a system and method for order packing where orders can easily be customized.It’s yet a further object from the present creation to provide a technique and program for purchase packing which reduces stock requirements especially, can store inventory by certain groups such as taste and not on the basis of a stock maintaining unit. 

    1. pallet wrapping machine
    2. what is the Automatic packing line The integrated 6-axis articulated arm robot, a fully-programmable arm that moves in all directions, uses its four-point tool to pick-up two lots of two portions from the multihead weigher simultaneously and pack them neatly within the trays provided.This accustomed to need a highly-complex mechanism or perhaps manual intervention. A benefit of the Orbital wrapper transfer system is its flexibility, as each of its numerous motion sequences is freely programmable. Another benefit may be the entire transfer system control is built-into the weigher control at operator level. In addition, compressed air is not required.The robot built-into the system conforms to protection class IP67. All materials used are food-grade quality and very easy to clean. The machine, equipped with the appropriate device, is self-cleaning and it is very low maintenance because of the simple construction. Vacuum bagging and film packaging and gas flush options result in the Bingo Bagger well suited for food service, institutional, and bulk packaging needs.With the Bingo Bagger, precision is paramount. A bag holding device with micrometer wheels and triple-axis handling options maintains accuracy while a simplified, single pneumatic, sealing unit performs the entire bag closing operation. No adjustments are needed to align the jaws.Other key features incorporate a quick-disconnect hopper for time-efficient changeovers, an aura reservoir for constant pressure and pneumatic stability, and a conveniently located trim unit for rapid removal and easy disposal. Operators enjoy the advantage of enhanced HMI features and unparalleled simplicity of use. A better control unit includes manual and step mode for components, recipe-recall for specific product, and finger place for pouch set-up. The FZ-03 industrial coil tilter is applied for different specifications of the coils to meet the demand of turning the coils for 90 degree. It’s widely used in industries of metallurgy, stamping, metal plate, mold, paper making, steel strip, coil, barrels, &etc. … …
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    2. How to find Spiral wrapping machine feeding articles from the lifts by a conveyor, the actual conveyor having at least one lane for every of the elevators; and Technical AnnexObject: Tubes Automatic Forming Equipment …
    1. Panel orbital spiral wrapper
    2. the function of coil tilter Yet another object from the present invention is to offer an automated mixed pallet makeup program and technique. 2 CONNECTION END PHOENIX (GERMANY)
    1. bag wrap machine
    2. the technical data of Rotate ring stretch wrapping machine Automatic plastic pipe packing machine complete bundling and filling of bags and packaging. It is special for PCV, PP – Ry pipe . The lines packaging range from the min 1.000 to the maximum length 3,000 mm (maximum 6,000 mm on request). Protection of pipes against any environmental impact with oxide powder, anti-moisture. Package is easy storage and distribution.Door packing machine can be combined with an automatic production for the shrink packaging line. It including door film covering, film shrinking and conveying.Adopting the sensor to adjust products.Width of sealing is adjustable for different products.Other three sides will seal automatically with… Full size shrink wrapping is possible for thedoor/profile.This is the jumbo coil packaging machine with eye cross wrap. It mounted on the floor with structure of roller blocker. It allows powered shuttle one the ring for wrapping station. Mobile system to allow cross between blockers rollers. Shuttles dispensing adopted two rolls of packing material to make eye cross for packaging. The pneumatic clamp system for automatic film and paper packaging…The Coil Packaging Line consists mainly of automatic mechanism for collecting material, stacking mechanism automatic lifting and transport mechanism, packaging machine horizontal, delivery mechanism, and electric control system close open. The automatic collection mechanism materialrecoge the steel coils one by one from the hanging tourniquet. coils steel is delivered to the position …The packaging system includes Tourniquet ahorizontal Vertical Baler, Conveyor Roller, Automatic Packaging Machinery, Conveyor Weighing, Automatic Stacking System. The tourniquet load the slotted coil slitting line, the bobbin carrier is removed and the enfardora volcanoes vertical to horizontal, after turning 90 degrees the coil will be carried forward to the weighing conveyor device.Packaging System incluyedispositivo biasing coil car, backing roll automatic packaging machinery type, automatic packaging machinery, enrrolladora reel with storage function, conveyor. Loading the slotted coil slitting line to coil car, the coil is separated from the car deempuje coil device of the support roller with a vertical type one, through the tunnel of support rollers …The system bundle machinery steel pipe handles and organizes pipeline packet size according to the size of the product. Fully automated and controlled from an operator station with touch screen, the system builds the program pattern and completely containing the sides to hold the shape until the strapping is completed. ..
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    2. the function of Coil Master 20. The apparatus of claim for wrappingfurther comprising a wrapping device for wrapping protective means around the completely stacked fill stack to be able to stabilize the load stack, where at the same time for removal of the actual loading aid either the load carrier is actually lifted in accordance with the launching aid or even the loading aid is decreased relative to the load carrier.21. The apparatus associated with claim 16 further composed of a load-carrier tilting device with regard to tilting the load-carrier in order to load laterally enclosed load service providers.22. The apparatus of claim 16 additional comprising a movable reader for discovering the immediate height of the load stack.
    1. EPS Panel horizontal wrap machine
    2. the technical data of Bearing wrapping machine transporting the person articles on the conveyor system to a packaging subsystem; 2-4.PLC micro-computer automatic control system, can store 99 kinds of different wire reel specifications, only need to read storage data when changing wire reel specification 3.machine compositions:3-1.operator human-computer interface—————————————–1 set
    1. orbital stretch wrapper
    2. the technical data of Aluminum packing line placing the containers onto pallets in the palletizer, different sized containers becoming placeable on a exact same pallet by the palletizer. Pipe and tube bagging machine is an packaging equipment special for decoration stainless pipe packaging. It filling the pipe into bag one by one. Pipe bagging machine including automatic tube counting unit, bag creating device, case filling up unit for pipe. It is an effectiveness and good packaging for saving material and labor charge. The appliance will be able to manage the 3/6/10PCS tubing every time. It would considerably save your valuable effort charge and enhancing preparing pace. …Steel tube packing machine and Tube packaging machineIt is an packing solution for stainless steel tube, copper tube… It providing automatic equipment named stainless steel tube packaging machine, steel tube bagging machine. The solution is vary from the OD of tube. The bagging and bundling solution is available in one packaging line per different packaging goal.The orbital wrapping machine is mainly used for the long shape product . The outside of the package can be packed by plastic items, such as piping water, pipe of air, oil, corrugated tubing, hose, etc.. It is horizontal of machine that can possibly do so beautiful and most ordered steel piping; what’s more, labor can be greatly reduced.
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    2. How to operating PPR/PVC Pipe bundling machine Load running test are carried out based on the successful completion of non load running test. It lasts a period from the first load running test to the inspection and exam of all

Copper wrapping machine

.power :AC380V,3-phase,50HZ, or provided by customer 24. The apparatus of claim 16 further comprising a sorting device for working packing models fed to the loading apparatus. Coil upender applies to different specifications of objects to satisfy the demand of flip 90 objects degrees. It is widely used in the industries of metallurgy, stamping, metal, mould, manufacture of paper plate, strip steel, spools, barrels, and etc.Línea de Llenado de Bolsa de Tubería
1.2.10 Tube bundle shapes and sizes (key factor): This requires more detailed information from the user. Shall appreciate if the user can provide a table of bundle  2-5.wire coil size:Outside diameter:max.220-600mm, height:60-180mm, inside diameter :180-250mm a tray-vibrating gadget for described positioning from the packing device on the tray. 4.6.5 In case the inspection and acceptance does not meet relevant conditions or fails, the team has to prepare and re-start the procedure.


    1. pallet wrapping machine
    2. Wire wrapping machine 1.2.6 Manual operations: Manual operations have higher priority than auto-operation. Manual operations by buttons are allowed on dominating and assisting machineries except for auto-operation station.1.2.7 Communication: This equipment is expected to communicate with UP PC. It is able to exchange necessary operational and technical information with other working stations on the production line. For instance, it can receive … …
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    2. How to operating Pipe packaging line New capacity and efficiency improvements have been made to the STRETCH WRAPPER AND inline stacking and banding system from Wexler; unit is now provided with a glue applicator for maximum holding force between slippery products.International Corporation manufactures specialized machinery for the movement and precise orientation of containers on packaging lines. CSS products include timing screws, metering systems, combiners, dividers, diverters for base coding/bottom inspection, change parts (including stars, guides and hardware) and modular drive units. Using the company motto “timing is everything”, CSS has got the practical engineering capabilities to solve everyday operating issues that slow down performance and erode profits. All CSS products are manufactured to facilitate quick changeover and therefore are pretested prior to shipment to make sure smooth operation in the field. Key CSS personnel have more than one hundred and twenty-five years of experience. To see our products functioning visit our website a completely automatic, inline solution for products of varying sizes and shapes, with an increase of processing speeds of 60-120 products/min. building After being received by an elevating conveyor belt, medium difficulty downstacker transports product to be stacked, aligned and ultra-sonically banded with paper, clear poly film or custom printed materials for branding. The downstacker allows for fluent, nonstop production. A newly available glue applicator option maximizes efficiency by supporting the holding force between slippery products. 4.1.4 Tube-layer conveyed to the folk position …
    1. pallet wrapper wrapping machine
    2. How to find Spiral wrapping machine 1-4.wire reel weight:max.35kg1-6.PVC/PE/PP film size:thickness:0.03-0.07mm, width:40-50mm
    1. stretch wrap machine rental
    2. How to operating Spiral wrapping machine ?? General equipment drawing and part group drawing, in eight copies Hydraulic system principle drawing and hydraulic system (assembling included) drawing, in eight copies;Manufacturing drawings for NS cylinders and special pipeline connecting fittings, say, special coupling flange, in duplicate ..
    1. PIR panel orbital stretch film machine
    2. what is the Pallet wrapping machine loading at least some of the pallets directly on the truck in the palletizer; and 3-6.automatic feeding label machine———————————–1 group 4-1.control part:adopting PLC automatic control system+human-computer, can store 99 kinds of different wire reel specifications, don,t need to adjust when changing wire reel specification, all data will show on operating human-computer interface, module design control cabinet and operation panel, easy to maintain and change.
    1. industrial pallet shrink wrap machine
    2. the technical data of Automatic coil packing line a packaging subsystem for product packaging different types of beverage containers given by the conveyor program into a same package; as well as – Different Roller Diameters and Roller Spacing Available for a variety of applications–可根据实际应用调节不同辊与辊的间距In-feed/Out-feed Conveyor Sections(optional, by separately)–自动输入和输出
    1. orbital stretch wrapper
    2. Copper wrapping machine 4 Inspection and acceptance 4.1 Object of inspection and acceptance Rittal standard switching cabinets are used.The switching cabinets are installed in a switching cabinet row.
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    2. How to operating mould tilter discharging articles in the elevators to the respective a minumum of one lane. ?? To print labels conveniently.System working in Windows 2000 System developed in Delphi 6.0 …
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    2. the feacture of the Pipe coil wrapping machine palletizing the actual packs associated with articles on the pallet, packs from the packaging subsystem and from the pack supply becoming placeable on a exact same pallet by the palletizer. 1-2.operation direction: inlet wire from left, or provided by customer … …
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    2. Top supplier for hydraulic tilter It is still an additional object of the present creation to provide support for marketing initiatives. Equipment inspection and acceptance is carried out in phases, so as to validate all capacities, functions,