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Selection of standard and non-standard milling cutters
“The standard cutter” and “non standard cutter manufacturing” is often tangled, “the standard cutter” large amount of income significantly, “non standard cutter” and the need for special Seiko secret agents.
Nonstandard milling cutters, in general, mean tools that are not in the standard supply range or are not listed in the standard manual. Therefore, there is no stock or cash on hand. It is necessary to write procedures for additional production.

The price is expensive and the delivery time is long
Widely used in 5 axis CNC tool grinder is highly flexible today, the so-called “non standard cutter” should be in the tool structure and has a higher accuracy requirements, the tool made of a special process method needs, the difficulty lies in technological innovation; and the “standard cutter” generally refers to mass production, standard size structure, stable quality tool the difficulty lies in the stable quality and efficient production.
Parameter selection of standard face milling cutter:
1, the tool radius r should be less than the minimum radius of curvature of contour parts within P.
2, parts of the processing of high H (R. 1/41/6)
3, through hole or deep groove, select l=H+ (5~10) mm.
4, select l=H+r epsilon + (5~10) mm. when machining the shape and groove
5, the diameter of tool is D= (5~10) B. when machining rib
6, tungsten steel milling rough machining inner contour surface, milling maximum diameter of DD=d+2[delta sin (phi /2) – 8 1]/[1-sin (/2 diameter).

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