Company development

We actively promote the comfortable and sustainable development of people’s lives.
In order to seek sustainable development of social and union tools, we believe that it is vital to contribute to stakeholders. We have launched various social responsibilities – corporate social responsibility – activities. Every Christmas, the Christmas lights are on.
Union tool staff do everything from design to decorate 30,000 Christmas lights, which are LED and environmentally friendly. At the plant in changan and mitsui, there are twice a year of voluntary cleanup activities, including picking up litter and weeding, twice each spring and autumn.
We hope to continue to contribute to the local community through this activity. We collect used stamps and donate them to the green earth foundation (DGEF), and the world health organization sells the stamps to raise money to the forests of Asia and Africa.
In addition to our staff, shareholders and customers also support our activities. “Pray for peace and promise future”. These are the main ideas that Nagaoka’s citizens meet every year. We support these ideas and take part in this festival every year.
In feldspar, employees wear matching “yukata” dances in Nagaoka Jinku and the “Ohanabi Ondo” (traditional music of Nagaoka).
In the fireworks display the next day, we sponsored the super Vesuvius, which is similar to the huge firework of mount Vesuvius in Italy.
Tpo established its world-class reputation by its subscription concert series, the regular work in the new national theatre, opera and ballet and a complete, Japan and around the world popular agenda, including NHK broadcaster radio, all kinds of education plan, and travel abroad taegu invitation on behalf of the Asian orchestra music festival, such as Japan, South Korea (2013), its centennial world tour of six major cities: New York, London, Madrid, Paris, Singapore and Bangkok (2015), and Beethoven’s ninth symphony concert in Seoul and Tokyo than post Whun clock, and combined into a Seoul philharmonic orchestra (2015).

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