Automatic aluminum master coil packing solution for EURO user



automatic aluminum coil packing line


  1. can you estimate how much the congestion point would reduce the production in the Automatic orbital strech wrapper for aluminum master coil?——As per your proposal, the seat 2 can’t be the buffering seat. The coil in seal 1 have to be load to the wrapping station directly. If seat 2 has one un-packed coil that will jam the packed coil in wrapping station. So in packing, the packed coil in wrapping sation have to be shift to the seat 2 and that shifting again by another coil car to the seat 3.  The coil reloading condition is empty the wrapping station at the same time the seat 2 has to be empty too.  So by this way the coil handling will take more time app. 70-120sec per coil packing.
  1. would it be possible to operate without a crane?—-Yes, the solution as your proposal needs the special storage seat with cross track.
  2. 深筒包装机
  3. we need an automatic label printing+automatic applicator——Ok
  4. with regard to the delivery time, we should expect 2 months of construction, 4 months of production, 1 month of delivery and 1 month of commissioning after receipt of an order. In total a delivery time of 8 months. Is this correct?———-4month for designing and production, 1.5 month for delivery, 1month commissioning total 6.5month
  5. do you have any comparison installations we can look at in Europe?—-We don’t have the same machine in EURO. one coil wrapping machine for TATA UK.
  6. do you have a layout with dimensions of the machine parts?——It is a customized solution, we don’t have the same layout, if need to can make one for you.
  7. are ######$ for one or two coil cars for making  orbital strech wrapper for aluminum master coil an automation packing line?—–For two cars

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