Pre-stress wie coil packing line


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automatic wire coil packaging lines for verious wire production lines. The solution works for automation the Pre stressed concrete strands and wires packing. It includes the pre-stress wire coil wrapping, strapping and coil turning…

Learning from your requirement for wire packaging, following solution is able meet your goal.
1.  Wire coil wrapping machine FPS 800-N
The wrapping speed is able catching your speed reqequirement—100pcs/day.
Packing time= wire coil loading by crane+trolley infeeding+wrapping+trolley outfeeding+ wire coil unalding by crane.
Trolley +wrapping+Outfeeding can be do during 2min.
Following two stations solution is better, which is able save the time in waiting.
2. Coil tilter FZ-05


3. Automatic wire coil strapping machine


4. Automatic coil car with track.


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