shrinking packing device for small goods

Even the small packing object can  be shrinking packing  in a short time.The products after packing will be guaranteed in quality with clear appearance and compact in structure,which will be much easier for stacking and long-distance transportation. variety of shrinking films,including PE ,PVC,POF film etc are applicable.

L-Bar Shrinking Machine FP-250A

Technical SpecificationFP-250A

Sealing type L-bar sealing
Power supply 380V/50-60Hz/3phase
Packing capacity 15-45 packs per minute (depends on product size)
Sealing height ≤80 mm
Packing width ≤200 mm
Product size width+height≤250 mm
length+height≤330 mm
Film type center-folded polyolefin(POF)film
Max film size 380mm(width)x280mm(outer diameter)
Power consumption max. 6kW
Working height 780-850 mm
Oven size 1200(L) x 300(W) x 165(H)mm
Conveyor speed variable
Conveyor chains with rotating silicon coated rods
Machine material carbon steel
Weight 390kg


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