coil packing line information

coil packing line

Following information about the coil packing line will be provided for user.

The manufacturer providing the technical date and document for coil packing line that helps to install the line with guide of the documents.

Utilities, liquids and gases supply systems
Preliminary data on quality, required flow rates, pressure, temperature (the data for a similar unit can be provided)
Preliminary data on waste gases and liquids (volumes (m3, l), flow rates (m3/s, g/s), qualitative content of substances, concentration, density (kg/m3, g/m3), temperature)
Estimated value of the utilities supply equipment according to the Proposal.
Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems
Requirements to the environment at the place of installation of COIL PACKING LINE (mechanical, hydraulic, electrical) shall be specified:
Dust content
Preliminary data on heat emission from the operating PACKING LINE shall be provided.
Preliminary data on emission of harmful substances into the working zone air shall be provided.
Estimated value of the equipment of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems supplied according to the Proposal.

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