Automatic coiler for hsoe and pipe

Fhope automatic coiler
Automatic Coiling Machine FCL-V1200
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Product Literature

Wish you a great day. Glad to hear your nice feedback.
About your doubts, response as followings:
1.It is online type automatic coiler machine for you. it can be connected to your production line to finish the coiling and strapping working. (below is brief introduction of it from the quotation)
2.About the position of added conveyor part, it is in the end of the line ( in the same direction of the line). as the following layout.    (is it OK? please confirm.)
3.About the  adjustment sizes for the coil: it will fully conform to the size range you provided before(as following showing;  the following technical  parameter part comes from quotation).
  If you have any other size requirements, please send to me. We will provide the  automatic coiler machine with adjustment size range according to your requirements. ( please confirm. )
4. About dimensions of the tension control of the automatic coiler: A pproximately  Length x Width x Height = 1.5m x 0.5m x 1.5m.

automatic pipe coiler supplier in China

Fhope automatic coiler

Depend us is on the movie the right solution  of the automatic coiler what our customer is needed.

Not clear yet the manipulation after the strapping. Please quote this manipulator as an option. Can  you me more explain how is putting the label under the strip?

The pay-off equipment should be our deal.

If we will win the tender our idea of the automatic coiler is to buy from you the coiling and stripping  ( maybe manipulator) and add to it our pay-off.


The automatic coiler supplier in China


Could be this spooling machine adapted for  pipe  dia 8 – 20 mm,  coil diameter approx. 500 mm , width 150mm


If it is possible we are interesting for your quotation for this spooling equipment which will be here locally connect to by us made pay-off .

aluminum profile packing line

aluminum profile packing

Automatic aluminum Packing line
No Detail Spacification
1 Sub-bundle strapping machine 1 Set 4 pcs
 – size max W110mm x H90mm x L6400mm
min W60mm x H60mm x L6100mm
 -weight 10-100 kg
 -speed adjuting regulation by inverter
 -Ring speed 20-110 rpm
 -Wrapping material Stretch film
W 60-100mm , ID 50 mm, OD 100-150 mm
 -NUMBER OF BELTS 5 4 belts
6400/6100 mm We would like to change the minimum Profile length to be 4000mm , can do it or not?
 -DRIVE Electric moter
 -MOTION controlled automatically,
movement by pneumatic cylinder.
 -OPERATION Automatic belts and Automatic Feed Roller
Please advise. 7500mm
Please advise. 250mm
Please advise. app.900mm
Please advise. 45mm
Please advise. 4000-6500mm
Please advise. W:60-150mm
 -DRIVE Please advise. Motor
 -MOTION controlled automatically,
 -OPERATION Roler speed control by inverter
4 Sub-bundle wrapping machine
 – size profile length max W200mm x H100mm x L6400mm
min W100mm x H30mm x L6100mm
Outer packing diameter 55-142
 -weight 10-100 kg
 -speed 20-35s/sub-bundle
 -Ring speed 20-100  rpm
 -Wrapping material Stretch film can we also use the PAPER and PLASTIC? Please specify the wrapping material that we can use for this machine.
W 60-100mm , ID 50 mm, OD 100-150 mm
 – Paper Size (Gold star) ID 45 , OD 250, W 115 mm
 – Drive power
5 Automatic Tape Sealing machine
 – Tape material BOPP adhesive tape
W 80 mm , ID 76 mm, OD 100-150 mm
(special size is available)
 -ROLLERS Please advise. Steel roller
Please advise. 250mm
Please advise. 45mm
Please advise. W:60-150mm
 -DRIVE Please advise. MOTOR
 -SPEED Please advise. 6-13m per minute
Please advise.
 -MOTION Please advise. Motor+chain
 -OPERATION Please advise. Automatic
 -Electrical cabinet PLC and HMI control system
8 Power voltage: 380V, 3phase, 50Hz
9 Brand Main Part Lite
 -PLC Siemens
 -Touch screen Siemens
 -Frequency converters Siemens
 -Motor Dongli
 -Cylinder Airtac
 -Photoelectric sensor Autonics
 -Switch Schneider
 -Power supply Please advise. 380v 3p 50Hz
 -Contactor Schneider
 -Main circuit breakers AC Please advise. Sechneider
 -Automatic circuit breakers Please advise. Sechneider
 -Servo Drive Please advise. Not servo motor
 -Motor circuit breakers Please advise. Sechneider
 -Linear encoders Please advise. Delta/omrom
 -Rotary encoders Please advise. Not enconder for rotary, we choose sensor for checking the ring totary
 -Rail Guides Please advise. LY

Automatic steel wire coiling and strapping machine

wire coiler

The Chinese professional manufacturer provides automatic wire coiling and strapping machinery.

Hello, I was surfing the internet and found an interesting 
machine on your homepage. I have little information about 
how to operate through the video Please send me a quote of 
full set of steel wire coiling strapping machine packing line.
 If possible, I would also like to have a catalog about the 
machine. Thank you.
wire coiler
Before offering a solution i’d like to know following information.
Wire No. Wire OD What material How many metter per coil Wire coil OD Wire coil ID Wire coil width Coiling Speed
After wire packing, the wrapping solution is available
Waiting for your reply.

automatic coiler for plastic pipes

Automatic coiler

for pipe and hose, It is an automatic winding machine

My name is Enriquez and I am from Mexico, we have interest in the hose coiler machine. We produce garden hoses and we require a machine to help us cut and coil pieces automatically.

Glad to receive your inquiry.Before sending our quatation of automatic coiler to you, we’d like to know some information about your product.

1.What do you want to turn over with this pallet inverter?

2.What’s the size and weight of your product?

NO. Length Width Height





With the information above, can we provide the most suitable solution for you.

Feel free to contact if you need any help.

The main problem is about ID:75MM which is not easy to make a small coiling head and strapping through the small ID.
After discussed with team it is possible provide a solutoin per your need.
The solution is modification base on the following automatic coiler macine.
Separate control panel makes operation & maintenance easily; – Programmable 3/4″ HP Variable Speed AC Drive Motor 1.2.4 Equipment operation stability: The forming equipment (including dominating machinery and assisting machinery) is supposed to work stably no less than 6000 hours per year. 1.2.5 Automatic operation function: The forming equipment is supposed to carry out all stacking procedures and self-check tasks without manual intervention. It is able to communicate with other relevant machineries and to check signal joints.
? Key Features: PLC adoptted to control and easy simple panel and easy operation。both automatic and manual operation available。 本设备的工艺流程: 2 CONNECTION END PHOENIX (GERMANY) It’s yet another object of the existing invention to lessen out-of-stock occurrences and by enabling purchases to be filled during manufacturing which helps to ensure that the orders can be fulfilled. 

    1. pallet wrapping machine
    2. How to find Spiral wrapping machine a conveyor for giving articles in the elevators, the actual conveyor having at least one lane for every of the elevators; and designed software. System’s flexibility is also improved, which means that every processing position can open or close freely. It reduces unnecessary waiting time. … …
    1. Envolvedora Automática Con Brazo Giratorio
    2. the technical data of Stretch hood machine It’s yet another object of the existing invention to lessen out-of-stock occurrences and by enabling purchases to be filled during manufacturing which helps to ensure that the orders can be fulfilled. 1-2.operation direction: inlet wire from left, or provided by customer …
    1. sandwish panel orbital stretch film machine
    2. Top supplier for Wire wrapping machine Yet another object from the present invention is to offer an automated mixed pallet makeup program and technique. External diameter: ?32~273mm Tube length: 1.5~9m Max bundle weight: 4tons Tube surface: tubes without couplings or guard rings on both ends
    1. profile horizontal stretch wrapping machienry
    2. How to operating coil tilter Still an additional object from the present invention is to supply just-in-time order fulfillment whereby supplementary packaging choices can be postponed until order fulfillment. We offer innovative and sustainable pallet stretch wrapping machine and stretch wrapper to help enterprise-level companies enhance their bottom-line performance. These highly efficient stretch wrapping solutions and service include designing presentation and production fulfillment, installation, and training. To devoted pallet load logistics solutions and statistics, we‘ ve got rich experience in what must be done being your single source for innovative end-line pallet packaging..Tilter is mainly for heavy coil turning 90 degrees. The tilter can be connected to slitting ing and coil car. It is widely used in industry, metallurgy, metal, stamping mould manufacturing, paper making, steel, core, barrels, etc. Double chain, the special transmission. ..
    1. rod wrapping machine diy
    2. the technical data of Automatic pallet wrapping machine 4.7.2 Equipment quality guarantee period The period of guarantee has a term of 12 months since the confirmation date of eligibility of inspection and acceptance. It will be to Seller’s care to maintain the equipment free of charge during the guarantee period. But the guarantee term excludes: Equipment damage caused by force majeure Any changes on design without Seller’s approval Equipment damage not to Seller’s responsibility Chinese stretch hood machine This is Chinese stretch hood system, it is equipment with stretch hood working without heat, represents a coherent development of the technology of packing units loaded on pallets. To achieve this goal, we have properly assembled different functional modules working in continuous exercise, obtaining a compact high capacity unit. The machine and its technology are suitable…
    1. used stretch wrap machine with scale
    2. How to find Orbital wrapper The present invention relates to a method and method for order packing to form a combined pallet and a mixed multi-pack. In addition, the present invention pertains to a system and method for reducing storage needs and for forming a design in a bunch of content articles. The present program and technique are considered for use along with beverage containers.2. Description of the Background Art ?? General equipment drawing and part group drawing, in eight copies Hydraulic system principle drawing and hydraulic system (assembling included) drawing, in eight copies;Manufacturing drawings for NS cylinders and special pipeline connecting fittings, say, special coupling flange, in duplicate
    1. orbital stretch wrapper
    2. Top supplier for coil tilter supplying a pack supply separate from the product packaging subsystem; – Adjustable Film Roping 膜可调节
    1. Máquina Embaladora de Bobina de Acero
    2. How to find mould tilter Load running test are carried out based on the successful completion of non load running test. It lasts a period from the first load running test to the inspection and exam of all properties. The purposes are as follows. For transport the cabinet system can be separated into shipping units. …
    1. Máquina de Embalaje de Puerta
    2. Top supplier for upender To test and confirm the integrality of functions and working procedures in load running situation. To test and confirm the system reliability in load running situation. To exam and confirm that the equipment can realize values guaranteed in Inspection and Exam Stipulations. *Special conveying device is easy for loading & conveying the package, and also can strengthen the transfer capacity; … …
    1. Volteadores de Bobinas
    2. How to operating Pipe packaging line Turn-over speed: about 60 seconds ±10% Power output: about. 2.6kw .
    1. Volteadores de Bobinas
    2. the technical data of Automatic packing line 1-2.operation direction: inlet wire from left, or provided by customer 1-5. PLC can store 99 kinds of wire reel specification, when need change wire reel specification, only need to read stored specifications. .
    1. Volteadores de Bobinas
    2. Top supplier for Door packing line 2-3.electric adjust machine arm size – Table Fully fenced for Greater Personnel Safety工作面有护栏保护Turntable Conveyor .
    1. Volteadores de Bobinas
    2. Top supplier for Pallet wrapping machine 2 PLC LG (KOREA) The FZ-03 industrial coil tilter is applied for different specifications of the coils to meet the demand of turning the coils for 90 degree. It’s widely used in industries of metallurgy, stamping, metal plate, mold, paper making, steel strip, coil, barrels, &etc. .
    1. Volteadores de Bobinas
    2. the technical data of Wire wrapping machine means for raising the packing unit from the tray. Equipment inspection and acceptance is carried out in phases, so as to validate all capacities, functions, technical criteria and

Save money by stretch wrapper

“This machine was designed to deal with a requirement in packaging which is about customer needs an efficiently wrap for loads from large pipes or tubes to heavy metal parts and engines, ”

Fhope Orbital Stretch Wrap can be used in manual control or semi-automatic film wrapping and strapping. The special design making it easy to install in any factory. Ring size: 68” diagonal. it is also working for pallet covering and wrapping.

1.Could you put dimensions on the drawing in the attachment? 2. In attachment we sending also the drawing of foil spool -> could you please provide us “d” dimension? 3. Has exact this machine been used for coiling rubber hoses? 4. Is it possible to see a coiling machine that is at your client’s site in Italy (and is it a machine for coiling a rubber hose)? Due to the distance between our companies, is it possible to send you two sections of our rubber hose, which would have been coiled up by you on the machine and could you record the video of coiling, to assess the final usefulness of the machine? If the tests pass positively, we would be interested in buying one machine at the beginning.

Horizontal wrapping machine solutions

The information more available for orbital wrapping machine packaging for long packages, such as aluminum, profile…

PlC control and special function in film strapping.

  1. film strapping
  2. film cutting and feeding
  3. film tighten wrapping and packing
  4. film pre-stretch wrapper






Many thanks for your offer and your kinds cooperation with us

I received your offer with many thanks and I will study it with our client and let you know

Kindly let us know your reference list for this horizontal wrapping machine in Egypt and all over the world

Also please make exclusivity for this tender to my company  to avoid double quoting for the same customer



Our Ref K/86708-17( Please always indicate)
Due Date 25-12-2017
Subject Automatic System for Coil Strapping

orbital stretch wrapper for panel timber and profile

Qty Specifications

Object material: steel coils/aluminum coils/other coiled objects

Coil widthW:150:1800mm

Coil outer diameter (OD): 800-2100mm

Coil inner diameter (ID): 600,500,400 mm

Coil weight: 300-12000kg

Shutter speed: about 2-3m/sec

Overlap rate: 20%90%

Power: about 11.0Kw

Power supply: 380V, Three-phase five line

Air supply: 68kgf/cm2

Packing material: PE/LLDPE stretch film/PVC

ID:76mm OD:100-250mm Width:250mm


Kindly send us your offer is included our 10% commission based on Fob & CIF

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