How to find Rotate ring stretch wrapping machine

Different Roller Diameters and Roller Spacing Available for a variety of applications–可根据实际应用调节不同辊与辊的间距In-feed/Out-feed Conveyor Sections(optional, by separately)–自动输入和输出 Horizontal stretch wrapper is the machine series specialized for outer packing of horizontals objects , such as profile, door, board, copper pipes, tubes of stainless steel, aluminum tubes, plastic pipe, bars, boards, etc. Wrapped package is well protected and more orderly, …

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packing machine and operation

.control system:human-computer interface, touch screen operation.central computer system can control winding speed , wire reel length ,alarm , speed adjust, indicator , emergent stop and reset etc function.can change wire reel length , wire diameter , wire speed during machine running. ?? To automatically identify incorrect information and give an alarm. – Additional Controls may be required–其他的需要的配件 …

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orbital wrapper

Separate control panel makes operation & maintenance easily; – Programmable 3/4″ HP Variable Speed AC Drive Motor 1.2.4 Equipment operation stability: The forming equipment (including dominating machinery and assisting machinery) is supposed to work stably no less than 6000 hours per year. 1.2.5 Automatic operation function: The forming equipment is supposed to carry out all stacking procedures …

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