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Explore our range of automatic packing solutions for coil and long shape products

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Automatic Coil Packing Line

Automatic coil packing line can be used to pack cable coil, wire coil, steel coil and hose coil. We use different types of conveyors to connect the packing line with the production line for highest efficiency.

automatic packaging line

Automatic Steel Tube Packing Line

Automatic steel tube packing line includes differernt solution per packing requirement. There are bagging solution for the stainless steel tube, Automatic steel tube bundle packing line for steel tube mill. And the solution can be mechanical or Megnet stocker. 

Plastic Pipe Packing Line

Plastic Pipe Packing Line

Fhope provides different automated pipe bundling and bagging machines for plasitc pipe packaging goal. That is a versatile solution for efficiently packaging solution for PVC and PPR pipes. The system can operate as a standalone unit or seamlessly integrate into a pipe production line.

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Our Story

With years of industry experience, we are a trusted name in manufacturing custom automatic packing lines tailored to coil and long shape products.

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Discover the unique benefits of partnering with Fhope for your automatic packing needs.

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Increased Productivity

Boost your manufacturing output with our easy-to-integrate and efficient automatic packing solutions.

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Cost-Effective Solutions

Cut down on packaging costs and materials by utilizing our innovative horizontal stretch wrapping machines.

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