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自动钢带包装线的沟通和方案分享: 宽度:80mm ~ 450mm重量:50kg ~ 3500kg内径:300, 400, 500mm外径:600 ~ 1350mm 基本上这个规格范围的都能包, 包装小卷的效果比如OD;600-750mm的效果没有包大卷OD>800MM的效果好 沟通过程,以及疑问解答: [下午5:00, 2021年12月6日] 黄先生: 我们并无使用十字臂[下午5:00, 2021年12月6日] 黄先生: 想请问是如何将钢卷放上十字臂的?[下午5:01, 2021年12月6日] 黄先生: 利用天车吗?[下午5:01, 2021年12月6日] Randal: Coil strapping machine he 钢卷和木架绑一起捆扎可以的,这种捆扎一般都是在最后一道工序(堆垛)之后[下午5:02, 2021年12月6日] Randal: 从封切线到十字臂: 1. 天车 2. 地上的coil car[下午5:02, 2021年12月6日] Randal: 大部分采用的是地上的coil car [下午3:33, 2021年12月29日] 黄先生: . 因为我们的第一站是直接使用叉车放料至反转机,但是反转机那是如何接引钢卷过去的?[下午3:38, 2021年12月29日] 黄先生: 2. 关于真空吸附的作用是什么?[下午3:40, 2021年12月29日] 黄先生: 3. 在出料的conveyor一定要是2meter吗?能否只是1meter?[下午3:48, 2021年12月29日] Randal: …

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Extrusion automated packaging for aluminum profile

The solution about extrusion automated packaging for aluminum profile The automation in the aluminum profile packing connects to the extrion is a difficult job in the aluminum prodution industry at the past year. With the development in the relative machine, now the the total automation is come ture from film application to the bundle making and storage. …

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Aluminum profile packing machines

As a manufacturer, FHOPE providing the automatic packing solution for aluminion profiles. There are automatic profile tapping machine for covering the profile with tape automatically. Well received your information 姓名 brock 邮箱 留言 Hello I am interested in learning more and getting some pricing for your aluminum profile packaging machine for aluminum extruisions All follow machines …

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aluminum profile packing machine

steel coil wrapping machine

More information: Dear Mr Kim: Thanks for your questions about the steel coil stretch wrapping machine. After study and delibration of our engineers, we concluded that the package is usual and qualified. About the loose package occured sometimes which you have mentioned in your message, we have checked your pictures, they belong to the usual performance. The …

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Steel wire winding packaging machine vertical ring winding packaging machine Fhope coil winding machine is designed for packing medium coil. Packing can prevent dust, air and water. The machine, through the core packaging coil, is flexible and can be customized to meet each customer’s specifications and packaging line configuration. All the data, including the size of packaging products and the special requirements of customers, will be …

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