automatic coiler for plastic pipes

Automatic coiler

for pipe and hose, It is an automatic winding machine

My name is Enriquez and I am from Mexico, we have interest in the hose coiler machine. We produce garden hoses and we require a machine to help us cut and coil pieces automatically.

Glad to receive your inquiry.Before sending our quatation of automatic coiler to you, we’d like to know some information about your product.

1.What do you want to turn over with this pallet inverter?

2.What’s the size and weight of your product?

NO. Length Width Height





With the information above, can we provide the most suitable solution for you.

Feel free to contact if you need any help.

The main problem is about ID:75MM which is not easy to make a small coiling head and strapping through the small ID.
After discussed with team it is possible provide a solutoin per your need.
The solution is modification base on the following automatic coiler macine.

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