Automatic wire cable coiler for sale for CANADA

auto cable coiling and wrapping machine cable coiling and strapping machine line auto cable packing line
COILING AND STRAPPING MACHINE CBALE PACKING LINE cable coiling and one side strapping packing

Kindly send us your competitive proposal on CPT  basis along with complete specifications/technical brochures for items as per below provided information.

We have to submit the offer  immediately so please go through and support us.

Below terms should be clarified in your proposal to avoid any ambiguity.

1.        Proposal should be valid upto 90 days.

2.        Currency should be mentioned.

3.        Payment term should be 100% L/C at sight if amount is more than 5000.00 USD.

4.        Brand name of quoted equipment.

5.        Country of origin of quoted equipment.

6.      Brand NEW item required.

7.    Technical Literature should be provided with the offer.

8. CPT Charges up to Islamabad airport Pakistan/ sea freight cost upto Karachi sea port Pakistan.

9. If there is any export restriction or end user requirement?

10. Delivery period

11. Did you quote same offer to any other firm.

We are eager to get the bid of below equipment from you.

Sr No Description/Specification/ Part no of Scientific/ Technical/ Administrative Stores Qty
1 Automatic Coiling Machine

Description :

This machine is used for fabrication/ winding of spiral heating elements from resistance wires of Kanthal or Nichrome material.


Main Features:

·         Adjustable speed

·         Computerized or HMI based parameters entry like elements spiral length, no of turns, dia of feed wire. Dia of turn, pitch of turn etc.

·         Automatic verification of the parameters of fabricated element

·         With all accessories protections like hmit switches, overload  & earth leakage protection etc.

·         Min length of spiral elements (to be made) 02 mtr

·       Feed wire dia:0.5-2.0 mm

      01 nos
·         Pitch of spiral turns :0-10mn

·         Inner dia of spiral  turn:4-20 mn

·         With all accessories  & Standard software

·         Easy to install to operate

·         Spares for 05 years operation

·         02 years warranty

NOTE: Pre-shipment inspection & training of 02 reps. At manufacturer’s premises for 01 week

Sr No




Automatic coiling machine

This machine is use d for fabrication / winding of spiral heating elements from resistance wires of kanthal and nichrome material 



Adjustable speed

Computerized or hmi based parameters entery

01 NOS.

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