Full-Automatic Tire Packaging line

Full-Automatic Tire Packaging line

The automatic tire packing line is an automation system is composed of horizontal tire wrapping machine, information reading, labeling, information sharing and tire palletizing. The packing a high level packing line line that is is able automatic tapping the tire OD, the packing material can be ex-changing automatic.
The system can able designed per customer’s space and special requirement in tire size and information sharing.
The packing line is able adjusting automatically per tyre OD by scaning.

Automatic tyre online packing machine

Technical parameter of packaging line:
Tire weight: 5-50kg
a)Tire type : PCR, UHP, LTR, SUV
b)Inner diameter : 355 ~ 609mm
c) Outer diameter : Ø520 ~ Ø1000 mm
d) Section width : 150 ~ 350 mm
e) Bead width : 114 ~ 317mm
f) Weight : 40 Kg
Roller Speed:2-4m/min
Packing Speed: 30-35sec/pcs
Rotating speed: 40-100r/min
Overlap scope: 20%-90%
Air supply: 5-7bar
Power output: App.2.2kw
Power voltage: 380v/50Hz/3ph
Packing material:
Woven Cloth Coating Paper : ID: 50mm, OD: 400mm, Width: 60mm/90mm

Tyre packing solutions:

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