Save money by stretch wrapper

“This machine was designed to deal with a requirement in packaging which is about customer needs an efficiently wrap for loads from large pipes or tubes to heavy metal parts and engines, ”

Fhope Orbital Stretch Wrap can be used in manual control or semi-automatic film wrapping and strapping. The special design making it easy to install in any factory. Ring size: 68” diagonal. it is also working for pallet covering and wrapping.

1.Could you put dimensions on the drawing in the attachment? 2. In attachment we sending also the drawing of foil spool -> could you please provide us “d” dimension? 3. Has exact this machine been used for coiling rubber hoses? 4. Is it possible to see a coiling machine that is at your client’s site in Italy (and is it a machine for coiling a rubber hose)? Due to the distance between our companies, is it possible to send you two sections of our rubber hose, which would have been coiled up by you on the machine and could you record the video of coiling, to assess the final usefulness of the machine? If the tests pass positively, we would be interested in buying one machine at the beginning.

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