Aluminum packing line

aluminum profile packing

aluminum profile packing line

 Automatic aluminum Packing line No Detail Spacification Jinglin 1 Sub-bundle strapping machine 1 Set 4 pcs  – size max W110mm x H90mm x L6400mm min W60mm x H60mm x L6100mm  -weight 10-100 kg  -speed adjuting regulation by inverter  -Ring speed 20-110 rpm  -Wrapping material Stretch film W 60-100mm , ID 50 mm, OD 100-150 mm 2 LOADING BELTS  -BELTS TYPE POLYESTER  -BELTS WIDTH 50 mm  -NUMBER OF BELTS 5 4 belts  -MAX – MIN PROFILE LENGTH 6400/6100 mm We would like to change the minimum Profile length to be 4000mm , can do it or not?  -DRIVE Electric moter  -SPEED VARIABLE CONTROLLED BY INVERTER  -CONSTRUCTION FEATURE steel  -MOTION controlled automatically, movement by pneumatic cylinder.  -OPERATION Automatic belts and Automatic Feed Roller 3 IN FEED ROLLER CONVEYOR  -TYPE ROLLER CONVEYOR […]

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the technical data of Aluminum packing line

Dust-tight Precious Metal Slip-ring for long reliable service 3-6.automatic feeding label machine———————————–1 group 4-1.control part:adopting PLC automatic control system+human-computer, can store 99 kinds of different wire reel specifications, don,t need to adjust when changing wire reel specification, all data will show on operating human-computer interface, module design control cabinet and operation panel, easy to maintain

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