Extrusion automated packaging for aluminum profile

The solution about extrusion automated packaging for aluminum profile

The automation in the aluminum profile packing connects to the extrion is a difficult job in the aluminum prodution industry at the past year. With the development in the relative machine, now the the total automation is come ture from film application to the bundle making and storage. And the price of the system is going down than before.

Following is about some automated packing for aluminum profile by Chinese Manufacturer.

1. Automatic protective film application machine for aluminum profile




The packaging process:

Automatic loading from extrudion line

Automatic feeding the profile one the conveyor one by one

Automatically transported and divided into the film machine

Automatic film applicatio and cutting

Automatic film sticking

Out feeding and move out the storage area or entering to the bundling equipment.

2. Automatic sub-bundle making and binding machine.

The way to automatic film wrapping the aluminum profile and profile bundle.

3. Auomatic bundle packing line

The bundle packing line is able online or off-line running per different setting.

The bundle wrapping, film covering and timber feeding are automated for profile.

It also supportive the manully operation for some special shape or packaging goal.

More information and automation for aluminum profile: https://www.fhopepack.com/Aluminum/

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